PLC Satellite Training Material Published

By Joanne Wheeler | 13 October, 2022 Posted in Articles and Publications

Alden Legal is a market leader in training and briefing papers relating to space and satellite law, policy and regulation. In this regard, Alden’s Managing Partner Joanne Wheeler MBE, in collaboration with Stewart White of Akhet Consulting, has drafted and published the following practice notes for PLC:

1. “Satellite: overview” which provides an introduction to satellite policy, law and regulation internationally, in the EU and in the UK;

2. “Satellite procurement contract: checklist” which is checklist of points to include in a typical satellite procurement or construction contract; and

3. “Satellite launch services contract: checklist” which is a checklist of the points typically included in a satellite launch services contract.


These practice notes are frequently updated to reflect current industry standards in the practice of space and satellite law.