Who We Are

Alden Legal are unique in Europe for our satellite, space and communications law and regulatory expertise.

We specialise in providing legal, regulatory, policy and consulting advice in Europe; working at the cutting edge of commercial, transactional, regulatory, policy and national security issues in the satellite, space, communications and applications industries.

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We advise on ground-breaking technological applications and complex areas such as the regulatory and commercial aspects of innovative technology, including in-orbit servicing, large constellations, aeronautical services and new applications. We cover all forms of licensing, spectrum, liability, insurance, financial and national security issues and are involved in drafting and negotiating all forms of commercial contracts.

We are often involved in the drafting of national space and communication laws, launch and spectrum regulations.

We provide virtual General Counsel services across our sector focus, and beyond. For companies that have a small or no in-house legal team, we can provide an innovative, competitive solution to handle their legal work.


We have a strong reputation for providing excellent regulatory and legal advice across the sector.

We are renowned for our commitment to our clients and for our ability to find innovative solutions to complex regulatory and legal problems.

This is recognised and confirmed in our rankings in legal directories and other authoritative references.

We have received recognition and a number of awards for our legal work and for our contribution to the industry.

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Incredibly well respected in the satellites space

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Instrumental in projects and consultations across the world

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Our culture

Our culture is one of experience, collaboration, engagement and respect.

We work hard to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses and their objectives and are committed to our clients and the provision of an excellent service.