• advising on the licensing of in-flight connectivity services in 41 countries;
  • advising on accessing spectrum for the provision of in-flight connectivity services in the UK and the opening up of spectrum bands;
  • conducting detailed regulatory due diligence for the acquisition of a large satellite operator covering national and international licensing and spectrum issues;
  • advising clients on the UK licensing framework for space activities under the Outer Space Act 1986, the implications of the Space Industry Act 2018;
  • advising a cutting edge large constellation operator, on complex licensing and regulatory issues;
  • advising a consortium on the regulatory aspects of the acquisition of a large satellite operator, such as the transfer of launch and operations licences and the transfer and sale of satellite network filings;
  • advising on the national and international regulations and liability issues associated with in-orbit servicing (for over a decade);
  • advising on space port range control regulations;
  • advising on lawful interception requirements across Europe;
  • advising Earth observation operators on the distribution of high resolution images, intellectual property and privacy issues;
  • advising on the transfer of operations licences and the relocation of licensed spacecraft;
  • advising a large national satellite operator on a complex dispute in relation to a contractual agreement to transfer Ku-band spectrum;
  • advising on spectrum filings and regulations around HAPs (High Altitude Platforms);
  • advising a national regulator on insurance and liability issues for launch activities;
  • providing a large satellite operator with complex regulatory advice in relation to a ground station located overseas and complex spectrum issues in relation to the use of unlicensed bands;
  • advising an end-to-end IT provider in the communications market on Brexit and its implications in their involvement with EU space programmes, including Galileo;
  • advising several large insurance underwriters on complex export control, Brexit and satellite regulatory issues;
  • advising a US operator on contractual, regulatory and security arrangements for the purchase of satellite and data network services;
  • advising a mobile operator on all regulatory issues associated with the S-band selection and authorisation process in Europe and, after it was successful in the selection process, advising on ongoing pan-European regulatory and licensing issues, this included providing complex telecommunications, satellite and interception advice across Europe;
  • advising an operator on national and international regulatory and competition issues associated with their acquisition of two European satellites and an Earth observation business;
  • advising several clients on the Ofcom satellite filing procedures and related policies;
  • advising on national and international licensing, regulatory and policy issues in relation to obtaining launch licences and telecommunications licences, including licences in Asia, and other regions, to provide broadband services;
  • advising clients on issues of space debris, the various international codes of conduct, guidelines and liability issues;
  • advising a high frequency trading company, on the transmission of signals between Europe and the US to conduct trades on the New York Stock Exchange;
  • advising clients on the licensing regime in the UK administered by the UK Space Agency – we advise on approximately 70% of all licences through the UK Space Agency each year; and
  • advising on the appropriation of lunar and asteroid resources.

What We Do

Some examples of the type of work we do are provided below. Please contact us if you would like further information.