National Security and Data Management

  • Advising communications-based industries on the business implications of the national security and military overlay in a multi-jurisdictional regulatory environment;
  • Advising IT/cyber industry businesses to navigate the regulatory landscape in their target markets and the impact on market development;
  • Advising both public and private sectors on the management of data protection, in particular the use of sensitive investigative techniques and open source research tools;
  • Creating lawful intercept policies and processes for communication providers;
  • Advising communications service providers on the national security and human rights issues that flow from carrying out its role required under its licence; and
  • Advising commercial and government clients on data and privacy law to ensure that the services they offer relating to the acquisition, processing, storage, dissemination and destruction of data are fully compliant with such law.

What We Do

Some examples of the type of work we do are provided below. Please contact us if you would like further information.