International Policy and Advocacy

  • advising the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on a review of the UAE Regulatory Framework for Space Services, running a consultation and drafting updated regulations;
  • advising the Finnish Government on new space legislation which was promulgated on 1 January 2018, which advice covered liability, state indemnity, registration and insurance issues;
  • working as expert legal counsel in relation to a study for the European Commission which involved an assessment and comparison of national space laws and licensing regimes in Europe, the US and Asia;
  • drafting an outline of a national space policy for the government of a Middle Eastern country;
  • undertaking comparative space law and policy best practices studies and drafting procedures and guidelines about Registration, Debris, Suborbital and Violation for a Middle-Eastern space agency;
  • representing the interests of a large satellite operator (and the satellite community more generally) in influencing the drafting of the amendments to the electronic communications package at European level, particularly in relation to ITU spectrum issues; and
  • leading the regulatory work for the UK Space Innovation and Growth Strategy and its “Restack” (a joint UK Government and industry project to prepare a strategic plan for the growth of the UK space industry to 2030). This involved drafting and running a regulatory consultation and, through advocacy with industry, Governmental bodies and regulators, proposing a set of recommendations which were implemented leading to changes in legislation (a cap on the concept of unlimited indemnity in the Outer Space Act 1986), policy (procedures for obtaining a licence under the Outer Space Act) and tax (insurance premium tax (6% on premia) exemption for space risks).

What We Do

Some examples of the type of work we do are provided below. Please contact us if you would like further information.