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Alden Foundation provides executive training, in collaboration with other leading experts, to industry members and the finance and insurance communities.

Executive Training

Alden Foundation provides executive training in collaboration with the National Space Academy, the University of Leicester, and other leading experts. 

Alden also seeks to offer its expertise, often in collaboration with other industry experts, to SMEs and industry more generally, public bodies, academia, and schools on a wide range of space-related courses, such as ‘The Politics of Space Security and Space Law’.


Our Activities Are Ongoing

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Executive Training

Details of the Executive Training course can be found below. It can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

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The Politics of Space Security and Space Law

In collaboration with The University of Leicester we are offering a course on “The Politics of Space Security and Space Law”. Details can be found here.


If you would like further details about the Executive Training or other training please use the contact details below.

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