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Develop emerging talent.

Alden Foundation offers opportunities to schools and universities, including a student outreach and mentoring programme, allowing students to engage directly with leaders in the space industry to unlock the educational and inspirational potential of the space industry.

We're proud to be working with CanSat to give students the opportunity to work on inspirational small-scale space projects.



CanSat Talks

We engage with schools across the UK to support their work in relation to the CanSat competition and hold CanSat Talks for schools with space industry leaders every month.

To register your school for one of Alden’s talks, please contact us below:

Virtual World Space Week Careers Expo

Joanne Wheeler spoke at the Virtual World Space Week Association Expo, hosted by 4ward Futures and discussed career opportunities for young people in the expanding UK space sector.

In addition, the event explored the roles available outside of traditional engineering roles & how young people can best approach working in the sector.


We are also running a series of short workshops which school pupils and students can attend to introduce them to the space sector.


If you would like further details about Alden Foundation or wish to engage with us please use the contact details below.

Contact Details: