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Bringing leaders together on key issues.

Alden Foundation are organising a series of multi-disciplinary workshops, bringing together leaders across different industries to share ideas and encourage dialogue and establish connections on a range of topics.
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These topics include:

This workshop will bring together experts on climate change issues and in the field of environmental satellite applications to discuss how leaders in both areas can work together to tackle one of the biggest issues facing our world today. The workshop will cover topics such as overcoming obstacles to cooperation and making use of opportunities to use innovative space-based technology to tackle climate change.
Trade In Commodities
We will be hosting a workshop on the latest satellite applications providing Earth observation capabilities to the trade and commodities sector. How can the latest capabilities for high resolution and low latency data and imagery be packaged and applied by traders, banks, insurers and regulators to improve market information and intelligence, sanctions and regulatory compliance, collateral and risk management?


If you would like further details about Alden Foundation or wish to engage with us please use the contact details below.

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