Alden Orrery – Regulatory Briefing – December 2022

By Joanne Wheeler | 14 December, 2022 Posted in Articles and Publications

Regulatory Briefing – December 2022


United Nations (UN) approves direct-ascent anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) testing ban resolution

The UN General Assembly has approved a resolution calling countries to halt direct-ascent DA-ASAT testing. The resolution is non-binding but seeks to encourage countries to refrain from conducting testing. The resolution was introduced by the United States and several other nations and was approved by the UN General Assembly on 7 December 2022, with 155 nations voting in favour of the resolution.


France, Germany and Italy sign joint statement for launch vehicle development

The governments of France, Germany and Italy signed an agreement on the future of launcher exploitation in Europe on 22 November 2022. The agreement is intended to enhance the competitiveness of European vehicles while also ensuring independent European access to space.

The agreement includes timetables for the public financing of launch vehicles, as well as an endorsement of the development of new small launch vehicles.

European Union (EU)

European Commission (EC) publishes Drone Strategy

The EC has published the Drone Strategy 2.0 for a Smart and Sustainable Unmanned Aircraft Eco-System in Europe, which is based on a previous report prepared by the EC’s Drone Leaders Group and other member companies earlier this year.

The Strategy sets out the framework and key actions the EU will take to support the development of uncrewed aircraft and their integration into European airspace, as well as plans for the deployment of piloted electric urban and regional air mobility operations in Europe.


Croatia signs the Outer Space Treaty

Croatia has announced that it has signed the Outer Space Treaty 1967. The Ministry of Science and Education has stated that signing the treaty allows Croatia to make an “effective contribution” to facilitate the involvement of Croatia in the exploration of outer space.


France joins DA-ASAT testing ban

The French government has joined the US-led ban on DA-ASAT testing. France is the 10th country to commit to the banning of DA-ASAT testing. In addition, France and the US agreed to strengthen space cooperation across civil, commercial and national security sectors.

United Kingdom

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) publishes call for evidence on regulatory effectiveness

The CAA has released a Call for Evidence for a review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the CAA. The Call for Evidence aims to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the CAA and is part of a broader review of the CAA being carried out. The Call for Evidence closes on 22 January 2023 and responses can be submitted here.

North America

United States (US)

Artemis 1 launches from the Kennedy Space Centre

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission successfully launched on 16 November 2022. The mission is NASA’s first significant step towards returning astronauts to the lunar surface. Artemis 1 is the first test flight of NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion spacecraft. The SLS launched the uncrewed Orion spacecraft which orbited the Moon before returning to Earth on 11 December 2022.

US drafting executive order to streamline space licensing

The Biden administration is drafting an executive order for 2023 to streamline the licensing and approval process for private rocket launches and satellite deployment. The order aims to modernise and simplify US space regulation for US companies, tasking the US Department of Commerce with creating an online tool to guide companies through the licensing process.



China operates permanent space station

China has launched the Shenzhou 15 mission carrying three astronauts to Tiangong, the recently completed Chinese space station. The three astronauts replaced the existing crew that completed the construction. With this successful mission, China has become the third nation to operate a permanent space station.

South Korea

South Korea releases Space Economy Roadmap

South Korea has released a Space Economy Roadmap, including plans to establish a national space agency. President Yoon Suk-yeol laid out ambitious plans for bolstering South Korea’s space economy, including goals to land a spacecraft on the Moon by 2032 and Mars by 2045.




Kenya Space Agency collaborates under Space Law for New Space Actors project

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Kenya Space Agency have agreed to collaborate under the Space Law for New Space Actors project. The collaboration will include a technical advisory mission to Nairobi, Kenya in 2023 to provide capacity-building and legal advisory services for regulatory authorities in Kenya.



US Space Force members visit Australia to discuss future partnership

Senior members of the US Space Force have travelled to Canberra, Australia to discuss future military space operations. The visiting members met their defence counterparts and local industry representatives and stated that Australia is a “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” and “prime” geography for future space operations.

Australia and US publish joint statement on Ministerial Consultations

The Australian and US governments have released a statement following the 32nd annual Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations. The countries agreed to “enhance space cooperation and space domain awareness and strengthen assured access to space through future bilateral space arrangements” and “acknowledged an important milestone in bilateral space collaboration, with the U.S.-built Space Surveillance Telescope, recently marking initial operating capability in Western Australia in September 2022”.