Alden launches its pro bono Alden Foundation

By Alden Legal | 10 March, 2021 Posted in Alden News, Announcements

Alden is excited to launch our pro bono Alden Foundation, comprising of four initiatives:

Insight: where we publish our thought-leadership pieces and articles, providing market-leading views on topics of importance to the space sector.

Skills: training programmes and courses in collaboration with leading experts across our network for different audiences, from university and SME workshops to executive training courses.

Inspire: student outreach and STEM engagement programme, allowing students to engage directly with leaders in the space sector to foster links and dialogue between higher education and schools with industry.

Engage: host a series of cross-sectoral workshops and events, bringing together leaders across space and a range of other industries to open multi-disciplinary discussion and encourage collaboration on key issues that span sectors.

If you would like to learn more about or engage with any of our programmes, please get in touch by contacting our Managing Partner Joanne Wheeler (​