Over and Above

Alden Legal are unique in Europe for our satellite, space and communications law and regulatory expertise.

Alden Legal are thought-leading and trusted legal, regulatory, policy and consultancy experts for the satellite, space, communications and applications industries.

We develop innovative solutions through our unrivalled experience, industry insight and knowledge.

Who We Are

An extremely knowledgeable team who deliver a service of the highest level.

Chambers & Partners 2022

Beyond Convention

Our team is able to provide bespoke advice and added value to our clients’ businesses as we are fully immersed in the industry and can quickly understand the complex challenges that our clients face and create innovative solutions. We combine legal, regulatory, policy and consulting advice as required to meet the objectives of our clients.

One of One

Alden Legal offers unique value-added business enabling services and strategic advice across the world to:

manufacturers; operators; launch service providers;  applications providers;  space technology providers; governments; international organisations; investors; and SMEs.

We have particular experience in all forms of:

  • regulatory and policy matters (national, European and international);
  • commercial contracts;
  • government affairs, including national security issues;
  • data management and privacy issues;
  • finance structures and documentation;
  • acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures and shareholders agreements; and
  • corporate governance.

One of You

We have a high-profile, excellent and varied client list.

Our clients praise us for understanding their businesses, for our extensive industry knowledge, our responsiveness and treat us as part of their trusted management team.

One for Expertise

Our expertise has been gained, tested and applied over many decades, through our experience working in manufacturers, operators, start-ups, financial institutions, international organisations, at licensing and spectrum regulators, in private legal practice and in government.

Many of our team have well over 20 years of experience in private legal practice. Other team members have over 20 years of experience as senior legal advisers within the UK Government and international organisations.

One for Knowledge

Our sector knowledge and innovative approach have been proven in various contexts; resolving complex regulatory, licensing, strategy, policy and commercial issues. We have a reputation as thought leaders and have been called “One of One” for our level of expertise.

Our authoritative advice allows our clients to make timely strategic decisions.

We often assist companies to refocus previous approaches to achieve their objectives.

We do not outsource our regulatory, policy, national security, commercial contracts, finance and corporate advice – we have all the expertise “in-house”.

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One for Responsiveness

We understand your need for business certainty and responsiveness. With our industry expertise, we can meet your requirements effectively and without delay.